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Ezbuy - Buy the world for you + FREE $10 Shopping credits

If you don't already know, I'm an avid shopper on Taobao because you can basically buy ANYTHING there. Most of the clothes you see online from local blogshops are from Taobao too, not to mention most of the shops in Bugis street/FEP/other local malls also carry clothes from Taobao because it's just so cheap to get it online! I've seen tons of clothes retailing for more than $30 online when you can just get the exact same one from Taobao for only $10!
Taobao is basically a China Ebay where you can really find anything, from clothes to household products to furnitures etc. They have two groups of seller: Taobao retailer/consumer and Taobao Mall. Personally I prefer buying my Taobao items from Taobao Retailer/consumer ( link cause it's usually cheaper plus it's easier to compare prices and reviews on it.

However, buying from Taobao would means you need to get the sellers to ship the items over, not to mention having to have a China bank account for payment which we don't really why not get an agent to settle everything for you while you just sit back and relax?

I've been using Ezbuy for a year now (ever since they were 65daigou) and I really love how easy it is to use their service. The only thing I have to do is to add whatever I want to cart and make the payment. If I'm not sure about the item names or if I'm ordering the right item, I can always clarify with their Online-chat service which helps me to ensure that I'm ordering the right thing.
They also have a mobile app which makes shopping on the go convenient!


If looking at chinese words make your brain hurts, fret not because you can still shop Taobao items...on the Ezbuy website! They have categories of items listed down which includes items that people previously bought from. I usually browse through there to get inspiration for purchases. Everything is in english there so you can search for what you want on their website or just browse through the products listed.
Eg: I can browse through the Home & Garden category to see what items are available.

If you don't already know, you can also shop from US and Taiwan websites through Ezbuy! It's the same "Buy for me" function as if you were to add a Taobao item. They also offer "Ship for me" services where you can order directly from USA websites and ship it to their warehouse. For the "Ship for me" service, you will be given an individual name and address that will allow your USA purchase to be sent to the warehouse, and then to Singapore to you. The good thing about their "Ship for me" service is that you don't have to pay any agent fee! I also use it when I'm shipping my USA purchases such as Victoria Secrets, Nordstrom, Drugstore, Amazon etc.

The best part is that Ezbuy also offers island wide delivery to the nearest warehouse or MRT station so you can collect your parcel easily instead of having to travel far just to get it. They have a warehouse at Dhoby Gaut which is good since you can shop around town before/after collection of your items.

Ezbuy is now offering a FREE $10 Shopping voucher if you register with this link here:
<> Go use it to try out their service and I'm sure you'll be hooked too!