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I chanced upon this article called:"Your Quick Guide to Melbourne Road trip"

One of my dream is to take a few pole classes in Australia.
I know it sounds really normal but it's something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. There are a couple of really good pole studios in Australia such as the Felix Cane academy and Pole Dance Academy (where Michelle Shimmy is the co-owner!). I really want to try out classes there!
Not to mention, go to Bondi Beach and take a photo with the famous outdoor pole at the gym near the beach!

Photo from

It's sort of like going to Hong Kong for Dimsum or going to eat sushi in Japan! I'm not sure where pole dancing originated from but Australia has been a front runner in Pole expertise and I have always wanted to soak myself in that environment. Imagine just spending a month eating, sleeping and doing what you love!

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