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Creme Simon 7 day Brightening Challenge

I've been using Creme Simon skincare for a while now and I can definitely agree that their skincare products work wonders for me. I've tried almost everything in their skincare range and I'm currently using their Foaming facial cleanser, Micellar makeup remover (LOVE THIS) , Dermo Activ Floral Serum, Hydrating toner mist and Night moisturizer!

So when they reach out to me and ask if I would like to try the Exfoliation Scrub and Lifting gel, I said yes!
Received the Creme Simon PR kit a while back which contained two of their best selling products, I put them to test for about two weeks now and there was definitely visible results.

1. Brightening Detox Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub
This creamy gentle scrub contains 2 kinds of natural beads to refine and revitalize skin. The 2 kinds of natural beads are fine wheat particles which are soft and small irregular beads to polish and refine skin while the Jojoba beads are slightly bigger to exfoliate dead skin cells and accumulated dirt particles to unclog pores.
Specially formulated to be non-drying, it uses baby-safe cleansing ingredients for the most delicate skin. Unveil perfectly cleansed, smooth, soft skin with a lovely fresh glow.

2. Lymphatic Facial Contouring and Lifting Gel
Detox, De-Stress, Define. Aid your natural detoxification as you redefine facial contours and flush out toxins in a relaxing treatment. This exceptional gel turns into luxurious oil, as you gently massage face for slimmer, lifted visage. The perfect indulgent experience for facial massage & overnight treatment. Leave on or rinse off for immediate visibly brighter, incredibly softer and moisturized skin.

They've also included a really nice notebook in the PR package as well!

Zero makeup on, right after I use 1 part Exfoliating scrub and 3 parts Lifting gel! My skin is visibly brighter and glowing. My skin also feels smoother and I like how the exfoliating scrub doesn't have huge harsh beads in it. The beads were tiny and didn't irritate my skin at all, which was a plus point! Definitely one of my favorite scrubs to use.
However, I much prefer to use the scrub and lifting gel individually- I like starting with the exfoliating scrub first, then going in afterwards with the lifting gel to contour my face and massage it. It does get rid of water retention in the long run! After one week of using the lifting gel to contour and shape my face, there was a 0.2cm decrease in both side of my cheeks due to lost of water retention!
(I have eyebrow embroidery + lash extension on which seems like I do have makeup but really, I don't. Also, please ignore my huge pole bruise on the arm.)

Overall I really like there was a visible brightening effect which is much more obvious in real life. If you're looking for a gentle facial scrub that's suitable for sensitive skin as well, or a facial scrub made with natural ingredients, you can check out the Creme Simon Brightening Detox Gentle Double Exfoliating Scrub. I think the Lymphatic Facial Contouring and Lifting gel is an extra skincare routine step that might not be suitable for everyone, however if you're like me who wants to get rid of excess water retention or prevent wrinkles from foaming and don't mind spending additional time to work and massage the product into your skin....I would definitely recommend this product as it is worth the extra effort!

You can take part in the 7-day Brightening Challenge to win a full set of Creme Simon Skincare and a pair of diamond earrings! Details on how to participate is listed in the photo above.
Good luck!