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SampleStore Beauty Show

Selfie from yesterday! Been a while since I got my makeup done in the morning but Samplestore Beauty show was at MBS so I was heading down!

Lunch was provided by Carnivore! I've never been there but the food selection was quite good. 

Took a seat at the side while waiting for the show to start. The beauty show occupied the Carnivore dining area which is a brilliant idea in my opinion.

It was hosted by Hosan Leong which makes it even more entertaining.
There were makeup demo by Candy Tiong who shared tips and tricks on bring your makeup from day to night/ skincare tips etc. The Grand Finalists of SING!China Season 2 were also there as well! 

There were a few booths where we can try the products out for ourselves. They're mainly Taiwan brand because the main star of the show is Beauty Keeper, which is also an online site where you can purchase Taiwan cosmetic/skincare products from.

Featuring their lashes which they gave out during the previous roadshows but I was oversea so didn't get it 😢 I really love using good quality lashes since they're easier to maintain as compared to extensions.

Destino facial soap which is also known as the Tai Tai soap because it's SO EXPENSIVE but so good! One bar cost about 80sgd though?! I doubt I'll pay so much for a bar of soap.... Hopefully they'll come out with smaller sizes at a fraction of the cost 😂

The DD cream which is also very popular in Taiwan! DD stands for daily defense here and apparently they said it's a hot seller on their website! 

You can get all these online from Beauty Keeper at
Beauty Keeper is a platform from Taiwan where you can get all your Taiwan beauty fixes or trendy products online! There's free international shipping for a purchase of $200 and above, but if you're in Taiwan and want to shop online, it's possible also with free shipping and a 15% discount for tourist!

Here is what I've got in my goodie bag! Phytopia stretch marks remover, Mollifix Highlight Upgraded sports bra which I love wearing because it gives me super good support, Facial mask beauty brush from Lamsamyick, a pouch and notebook from Samplestore and Sing!China stamps!

Thanks Samplestore for the invitation!!