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SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick review

It's been a very long while since I did a review. I've neglected this space in exchange for having a good adjustment into the working life and then I just got lazy and use a microblog instead which was so much more convenient.
Anyway, since my full-time job now revolves around skincare, I got to learn so much more than I expected to learn in my first year....but that's another story for a later time.
Today, I'm going to talk (more like, gush) about my new love... the Su:m37 Miracle Rose cleansing stick.
Now, I've never heard of this before I start researching on what to get in Korea. I happened to chance across plenty of raving reviews about this stick which got me interested because I love rose scented products the most and this seems up my alley.

With no prior knowledge of the brand, I got my sister to pick up 4 sticks for me during her latest trip to Korea. (Needless to say, I only found out Singapore had just launched this product once she got back. But at least I have backups just in case.)

The main thing that got me intrigued was that it contains rose petals inside the stick which helps with gentle exfoliation of the skin. Previously, I've use the NUXE's range of skincare with rose petals and I absolutely love it. (I still have a tub of their Nuxe's Gentle exfoliating gel which also contain rose petals for exfoliation as well. Also smells absolutely divine!)

Back to my new love.
It's a solid facial cleanser so you just apply directly onto your face after you wet it. Afterwards, you can just use your fingers to lather it up like a normal facial cleanser. It does a very good job in cleansing without stripping the skin of moisture. The Su:m37 Rose miracle cleansing stick is easy to use and very convenient for travel since it's basically leak proof. It also feels luxurious. It also has a low pH of 5.5 (or somewhere between 5-6) which is perfect for maintaining the "acid mantle" of the skin. Initially I was thinking of using this as a night time routine cleanser and alternate with another foam cleanser in the morning but I find myself reaching for this stick both morning and's really that nice to use.

I feel like one stick is probably going to last about half a year for me, maybe even longer! You actually get a lot of product with it and each time, you barely take off 1mm from the stick.
Honestly I would say it's a little pricey for a facial cleanser (of course cheaper in Korea, think my sister got it for around 20usd each?) it's well worth it!

Do you know that your facial cleanser actually affects the pH of your skin...& in turn also affects your skin condition?! As little as 1 min twice a day of cleansing will change the pH of your skin depending on the pH of your facial cleanser. Simple rule: A low pH cleanser will bring down the pH of your skin slightly while a higher pH cleanser will bring up your skin's pH. Using a pH 5.5 cleanser is most ideal because it keeps your skin at a pH of 5.5 too. P.acnes (the bacteria responsible for causing acnes) thrive in pH 6.0-6.5 conditions, but not in 5.5 which means using a lower pH cleanser helps to keep those pesky bacteria at bay! (I'm sorry I just realize I went into work mode as of now to talk about the technical details  😌 )
A cheaper alternative to a pH 5.5 cleanser would be the Cosrx Gentle morning cleanser. I personally am not a fan of it because it has a gel like texture instead, I'm more of a "luxurious" type of person so I prefer a good foam or as of now, a good cleansing stick.